[IGSSTATION-311]: FAIR (new equipment)

Dave Stowers dstowers at jpl.nasa.gov
Wed Dec 22 16:33:13 PST 2004

IGS Station Mail          22 Dec 16:33:14 PST 2004      Message Number 311

Author: Dave Stowers

Dear Colleagues,

Ref: [IGSSTATION-271,273,300]

A new receiver and compatible model antenna at FAIR have been installed.
An older receiver (FAI2) and RF splitter were removed from the system.

An updated site log has been submitted to the IGSCB. After a
brief review, available data will be back posted and nominal data flow

Thanks to site staff at the Gilmore Creek Observatory for the effort
involved in thawing the radome which was frozen to the mounting surface.

Maintenance and operations of the FAIR station is a collaborative effort
supported by JPL, UNAVCO, and Gilmore Creek Observatory (NOAA), with
funding provided by NASA's Earth Science Enterprise.

Best regards,


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