[IGSSTATION-235]: FAIR: data caution, and upcoming GPS eqp. swap

Oivind Ruud ruud at unavco.org
Tue Nov 9 14:10:29 PST 2004

IGS Station Mail          09 Nov 14:10:31 PST 2004      Message Number 235

Author: Oivind Ruud, UNAVCO

Dear Colleagues,

The tracking of the Ashtech UZ-12 receiver at Gilmore Creek Observatory, Alaska
(FAIR) has deteriorated over the last day or so, and we will be shipping a
replacement unit up this week. In the meantime please treat the FAIR data with

A new IGSSTATION notification will be sent as soon as the new equipment has been
installed and the site is again operational. We will also let you know of any missing
data at that time.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.

Maintenance and operations of the FAIR station is a collaborative effort supported by
JPL, UNAVCO, and Gilmore Creek Observatory (NOAA), with funding provided by NASA's
Earth Science Enterprise.

Best Regards,

    -Oivind Ruud

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