[IGSMAIL-7515] CODE MGEX (COM) product update

Lars Prange lars.prange at aiub.unibe.ch
Wed Aug 30 05:56:07 PDT 2017

Dear MGEX users,

Recently, several improvements could be achieved concerning our CODE 
orbit and clock products (product doi 10.7892/boris.75882.1; describing 
doi 10.1007/s00190-016-0968-8).

This CODE MGEX (COM) product update includes the following model changes:

Since GPS week 1961:
- Activated antenna thrust and Earth re-radiation models for Galileo and 
- Activated Galileo IOV attitude law for all Galileo satellites
- Considered pulses every 12 hours for Galileo POD
- Increased sampling in SP3 file to 5 min (from 15 min)

Since GPS week 1962:
- Improved MGEX clock generation (principally improving GPS satellite 
- Established high-rate (30 sec) MGEX clock product
- Long file names for submissions to CDDIS according to the following 

Old file naming   => New file naming
com${wwwwd}.sp3.Z => COD0MGXFIN_${yyyy}${ddd}0000_01D_05M_ORB.SP3.gz
com${wwwwd}.erp.Z => COD0MGXFIN_${yyyy}${ddd}0000_03D_12H_ERP.ERP.gz
com${wwwwd}.clk.Z => COD0MGXFIN_${yyyy}${ddd}0000_01D_30S_CLK.CLK.gz
com${wwwwd}.bia.Z => COD0MGXFIN_${yyyy}${ddd}0000_01D_01D_OSB.BIA.gz

${wwwwd}corresponds to GPS week and day of week;
${yyyy} is the 4-digit year;
${ddd} is the day of year.

Note that the old file naming is still used for the MGEX product files made
available at ftp://ftp.aiub.unibe.ch/CODE_MGEX/CODE/.

Additional notes:
Since GPS week 1934, the CODE MGEX bias product is made available as an
observable-specific signal bias (OSB) product in Bias-SINEX Format
V1.00. This bias product is generated as part of a clock analysis at the
current stage and can be used in this context (note the DETERMINATION_METHOD
declaration as CLOCK_ANALYSIS in our MGEX bias files).

A multi-GNSS ionosphere analysis process is in preparation at CODE. For
that reason our bias product should not be used for ionosphere product
generation so far.

We thank Simon Lutz (Swisstopo) and Krzysztof Sośnica (Wrocław 
University of
Environmental and Life Sciences) for the external validation of the COM 
during the implementation phase. Many thanks also to Carey Noll (CDDIS) 
for the
excellent data center support.

With best regards.

Lars Prange, Stefan Schaer, Arturo Villiger
on behalf of the CODE AC team

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