[IGSMAIL-5778]: a new CC2NONCC

Nacho Romero nacho at canaryadvancedsolutions.com
Mon May 26 13:12:31 PDT 2008

IGS Electronic Mail      26 May 13:12:53 PDT 2008      Message Number 5778

Author: Nacho Romero

Dear all,

As explained in many IGSMails before in certain RINEX data files the 
p1-c1 bias needs to be corrected.  This is needed for correct clock 
estimation when mixing the two observation types (C1, P1) within the 
estimation process:

[IGSMAIL-2744]: new pseudorange bias convention
[IGSMAIL-2827]: Monitoring (P1-C1) code biases
[IGSMAIL-5662]: Updated p1c1bias.hist

you can read all these previous messages here:


the previous version from Jim Ray is now obsolete due to the 
introduction of the RINEX 2.11 format which allows for mixed 
constellations.  Therefore we at ESA/ESOC have modified the cc2noncc 
and tested it in Solaris, Linux Ubuntu and Mac OS X. We make it now 
available to you for your convenience.

you can download the new version here:


The header of the cc2noncc.f file has all the original documentation 
from Jim Ray which is invaluable.  please follow the compilation 
instructions from the two make files in the tar file (cc.gmake and 
cc.make for each target system as explained in the header).  The 
compilation will generate a binary; /cc2noncc/bin/cc2noncc.bin ready 
to use

Please test this version and report any problems back to me so that I 
may correct them promptly.

best regards,

Nacho Romero
Aerospace Engineer, PhD
SAC s.l. at Navigation Support Office (ESA/ESOC)

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