[IGSMAIL-4333]: Power outage at Herstmonceux

Robert Sherwood rshe at nerc.ac.uk
Wed Apr 2 07:22:40 PST 2003

IGS Electronic Mail      02 Apr 07:23:31 PST 2003      Message Number 4333

Author: Rob Sherwood, NSGF Herstmonceux

We suffered a complete mains power outage on Friday 28th
Mar. It has taken until today (2nd Apr) to get power restored.
HERT data is complete over the period and the daily files
have been deposited along with hourly files for today (092). 
Unfortunatly HERS data has been lost over the period.


Rob Sherwood

NERC Space Geodesy Facility 
Herstmonceux Castle 
E.Sussex BN27 1RN
Tel- 01323 833888

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