[IGSMAIL-3872]: Storage of LPAL data changed at BKG

K. Herzberger hbg at ifag.de
Mon May 13 11:00:37 PDT 2002

IGS Electronic Mail      13 May 11:00:52 PDT 2002      Message Number 3872

Author: Kurt Herzberger

>From now on the RINEX files for the site LPAL
(La Palma/Tenerife) will be stored for the EUREF project
into the directory
  ftp://igs.ifag.de/EUREF/obs/2002/ <day>

because LPAL will be include from gpsweek 1166 on 
into the EUREF solution.

Access to  ftp://igs.ifag.de/gpsdata/LPAL  
are futhermore possible.

I apologize for any inconvenience caused by change of
your download procedures 
from  ftp://igs.ifag.de/IGS/obs/2002/ <day>
to    ftp://igs.ifag.de/EUREF/obs/2002/ <day>

Mit freundlichen Gruessen / with kind regards 
                          / Mes salutations les meilleures
Kurt Herzberger

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