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Jeanne Sauber (Spring Program Committee Geodesy Chair of AGU)
Veronique Dehant (President-elect of AGU Geodesy Section until May 2002,   
                  President of AGU Geodesy Section in May 2002)
Anny Cazenave (President of EGS Geodesy Section) 
Call for Special Sessions and Conveners for the Joint EGS-AGU-EUG Spring 
meeting of 06-11 April 2003 in Nice, France.

The upcoming joint EGS-AGU-EUG meeting for the Spring of 2003
is a unique opportunity to build on the strenths of each group
and to meet and share ideas.  This call combines the traditional
AGU call for special sessions with the EGS approach of updating 
the previous-year skeletal program. We have tried to cover the "hot topics"
and the topics which are presently under investigation in the core program
listed below. We invite you to join these efforts 
by proposing a new idea for a session as well as suggest changes to the 
skeletal program. This is a great opportunity to highlight the exciting
science contribution geodesy is making to a broad range of disciplines
and at the same time give geodesists a chance to discuss the advancement of
geodetic science.   To make this first-time joint meeting 
successful, we need your help to create an exciting program. 
So, please send us your ideas and special session proposals, or volunteer to
be a convenor for the core program, (preferrably) before the end of March 2002.


EGS XXVII General Assembly, Nice, France, April 2003


G1. The new gravity field and glaciology missions (CHAMP, GRACE, GOCE, ICESAT)

   G1.1 Measurements

   G1.2 Geophysical interpretation

G2.  Ocean, atmosphere and solid Earth interactions: oceanic and atmospheric 
processes (co-sponsored by OA and SE)

G3.  Global and regional hydrology from space: water cycle and continental 
water budget (co-sponsored by HS)

G4. Sea level changes: global, ocean basin and coastal zones (co-sponsored by 
OA and HS)

   G4.1 Measurement from satellite altimetry (Topex/Poseidon, Jason-1 and 
ENVISAT) and tide gauges

   G4.2 Causes of sea level change

   G4.3 Impacts in lowland coastal zones

G5. Monitoring and modelling 3-D movements of the Earth's crust ; From second 
to millenium (co-sponsored by SE)

G6.  Earth's rotation and polar wander (co-sponsored with OA and SE)

   G6.1  Interaction with surface fluid envelopes ; Subdiurnal to interannual 
time scales

   G6.2 Interactions with mantle and core ; Interannual to millenium time 

G7.  Probing the atmosphere with geodetic techniques (co-sponsored by OA)

G8.  Real time geodesy

G9.  Evolving space geodesy techniques (SLR, GPS, DORIS, Altimetry, VLBI, 

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