[IGSMAIL-3746]: USNO <-> CODE ftp problem ???

Jim Ray (USNO 202-762-1444) jimr at maia.usno.navy.mil
Sun Feb 17 10:22:20 PST 2002

IGS Electronic Mail      19 Feb 10:07:44 PST 2002      Message Number 3746

Author:  Jim Ray
Dear AIUB/CODE Colleagues,

It appears that once again a problem has developed involving ftp transfers
between USNO and AIUB.  Our solutions to Berne are not going through.  And
our attempts to get the IGS Rapid solution files today (for 16 Feb 2002)
to use in the IERS Bulletin A are not successful.

This same problem has now happended a number of times, almost always on
weekends.  Any help or information that you could provide would be greatly


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