[IGSMAIL-3377]: IGN server status

Edouard Gaulue edouard.gaulue at ign.fr
Tue Jun 12 07:16:08 PDT 2001

IGS Electronic Mail      12 Jun 07:18:38 PDT 2001      Message Number 3377

Author: Edouard GAULUE & Loic DANIEL

Dear colleagues,

It's been a long time since you've heard anything from us, truth is the
IGN center has been operating unmanned for too two years, which is
obvoiusly not a good thing for as dynamic a service as IGS. 

Good news is IGN has taken actions to recommit itself to managing the
data center and we feel important to let you know about it as well as
clarify our intentions for the future. Below is a summary of a text that
describes our status and plans :

For the last 2 years, the global IGS data server at IGN has been
operating unmanned due to lack of personnel. All the routines run
automatically without any kind of supervision or monitoring. 
Presently the quality of service is minimal and not fitted to what  the
IGS community expects. 

IGN is willing to quickly restore the server to a fully operational
status and to improve the service in the future when new IGS
requirements come out. 

The data center administrator position has just been taken by a young
engineer, Edouard GAULUE. He will work in partnership with Loïc DANIEL,
who created and managed the service for 6 years before moving to another
position. After a training period given by Loïc DANIEL of at least a few
months and some rethinking about the service, Edouard GAULUE will take
charge of the day to day management of the data center and development
of new web data access and search tools. Meanwhile, Loïc DANIEL will
recommit himself to participate in the whole project as an expert in
networking, data processing and management techniques.

The following actions are planned, among others :  

- Bring the server up to date (incorporate new stations particularly
those that provide data in near real time, synchronize wrt station ids
changes,…), take into account new constraints and new products, resume
user support.  

- Develop web tools :  
  · Tools for multi-criteria search (textual and cartographic),  
  · Inline ancillary data and documentation  
  · Develop or enhance software tools (decompression, formats

- The server is expected to be back to operational status by stage in 8
months. The first stage being : all new stations (including nrt ones)
and products that came out during the last 2 years injected into the
data center for archiving and dissemination. This is planned to happen
by the end of june.

Thanks and please feel free to send us comments, critics and

Best regards,

Edouard GAULUE & Loïc DANIEL.

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