[IGSMAIL-3244]: Onsa, corrupted files fixed

SWEPOS Driften swepos at lm.se
Fri Mar 23 09:10:29 PST 2001

IGS Electronic Mail      23 Mar 09:11:10 PST 2001      Message Number 3244

Author: Mats Westberg

Dear colleages
We had some problems in distribution files from site "ONSA" (caused by
firewall change), 
so we changed our upload routines.
After a while we got messages that the files was corrupted. 
Probably, it was the new uploading proccess that caused that.

Mars 13, we resent the corrupted files (056-066) to "igs.ifag.de".

But they havn't been updated on for example CDDIS: "cddisa.gsfc.nasa.gov".

Please, can some one fix that.

Sorry for the problem this has caused.

/Mats Westberg
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