[IGSMAIL-3198]: MAS1 External Frequency

Ignacio.Romero at esa.int Ignacio.Romero at esa.int
Thu Feb 1 02:57:21 PST 2001

IGS Electronic Mail      01 Feb 03:01:24 PST 2001      Message Number 3198

Author:  Ignacio Romero
Subject:  MAS1 External Frequency

Please be advised that the ASHTECH receiver at station MAS1 has been connected
back to the 5 MHz Cesium external frequency.  The settings in the receiver are:

Clock steering:: NO,
Ext Freq::  LOCKED,
Automatically Switches back to internal clock::  YES

A new SIF has been submitted reflecting these changes.

Best Regards,

Ignacio Romero
IGS Team at ESOC

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