[IGSMAIL-2965]: NPL GPS time monitoring service

Jon Clarke jon.clarke at npl.co.uk
Wed Aug 2 02:34:54 PDT 2000

IGS Electronic Mail      02 Aug 09:42:39 PDT 2000      Message Number 2965

Author: Jon Clarke
Subject: NPL GPS time monitoring service

Dear Colleagues,

The National Physical Laboratory has started monitoring the timing of 
the GPS constellation, and publishing the results. These are available 

http://www.npl.co.uk/npl/ctm/gps_bulletin.html .

This is primarily to aid UK stand-alone users of GPS time in obtaining 
traceability from their receiver to the UK national time standard, 
UTC(NPL), and to provide independent integrity monitoring of GPS time.

This service is still under development, and is expected to expand over 
the coming months. Currently NPL reports a single daily mean value for 
UTC(NPL) - GPS time via multi-channel single-frequency C/A code 
measurements, and reports any anomalous satellite measurements.

Thanks go to our colleagues at USNO who have provided useful 

I would welcome any comments on this service.

Jon Clarke

Mr Jon Clarke                                Time and Frequency Section,
jon.clarke at npl.co.uk      Centre for Electromagnetic and Time Metrology,
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