[IGSMAIL-2924]: ANKR Receiver Replacement / Antenna-Height

Rudi Stöger stoeger at wettzell.ifag.de
Wed Jul 12 02:20:20 PDT 2000

IGS Electronic Mail      12 Jul 02:20:34 PDT 2000      Message Number 2924

author: Rudi Stoeger

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The ROGUE SNR-8000, S/N T 394 in ANKR
Ankara / Turkey have been replaced by
an AOA SNR-8000 ACT, S/N T-398U,
V. (ROGUE SNR-8000 upgraded
to ACT, functionally like AOA BENCHMARK
ACT) 04-JUL-2000.

This receiver was shipped 08-JUN-2000
to Turkey.

Just now, we got the information, our
Turkish Colleagues performed the
replacement 04-JUL-2000.

Unfortunately due to a misunderstanding,
the ANKR RINEX Headers after day 185
indicate wrong values.

There was no change in the antenna-position.
Antenna-height will be 0.060 m further on.

We asked our Turkish colleagues for a
correction in the GPS Base Software and
in the RINEX Converter as soon as

Maj. Dr. Onur Lenk informed us, they
currently maintain a very big GPS Campaign.
They are afraid to loose data, when they
perform the necessary changes in the
GPS Base Software in ANKR. Immediately
when they finish the GPS Campaign, they
will perform all necessary corrections.

Please take notice:
Correct Antenna-Height in ANKR is 0.060 m
further on.
Delta E and Delta N are 0.0000.
Receiver No. T-398U.
Receiver-Type AOA SNR-8000 ACT
Receiver Version

With best regards:
Rudi Stoeger

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