[IGSMAIL-2746]: KOUR, KIRU, PERT, VILL resubmitted

iromero at esoc.esa.de iromero at esoc.esa.de
Tue Mar 14 01:44:26 PST 2000

IGS Electronic Mail      15 Mar 11:25:29 PST 2000      Message Number 2746

Author: ESOC IGS team
Subject: KOUR, KIRU, PERT, VILL resubmitted

Dear Colleagues,

The hourly and daily data from the stations mentioned above suffered from bad
communication lines over the weekend (days 071 and 072).  The data has been
recovered and resubmitted to CDDIS and our own data server

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused,

Nacho Romero,
IGS Team at ESOC

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