[IGSMAIL-2635] DRAO, HOLB data resubmission

Michael Michael
Fri Dec 17 16:08:57 PST 1999

IGS Electronic Mail      Fri Dec 17 16:08:57 PST 1999      Message Number 2635

Author: Michael Schmidt
Subject: DRAO, HOLB data resubmission

                     GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF CANADA
                         GPS TRACKER ADVISORY

DRAO and HOLB data resubmission:

24 hour data files for DRAO and HOLB for Day 349 and 350 have been
resubmitted to CDDIS as well as the 1 hour data files for DRAO D351.
The updated data files are also available via anonymous ftp from:


cd /pub/gpsdata/rinex

The following problem (.#) was noted in the RINEX header:

1113            .# AOA BENCHMARK ACT lk 99/06/11REC # / TYPE /

The correct header should read:

1113                AOA BENCHMARK ACT lk 99/06/11REC # / TYPE /

The problem only affected those WCDA network sites which are offloaded in
TurboBinary format and has been rectified. The occurrence of the problem was
limited to D349, D350 and part of D351 and coincided with the move to a new
data acquisition server and upgraded OS.

Many thanks to Karen Wendt, USGS, for bringing this to our attention.

Our apologies for any trouble this header problem may have caused.

Season's Greetings


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