[IGSMAIL-2515] EGS 2000 Time Series Symposium

Thu Oct 7 17:49:34 PDT 1999

IGS Electronic Mail      Thu Oct  7 17:49:34 PDT 1999      Message Number 2515

Author: M B Heflin
Subject: EGS 2000 Time Series Symposium

                         EUROPEAN GEOPHYSICAL SOCIETY
                            25th GENERAL ASSEMBLY
                      NICE, FRANCE,  24 - 29 APRIL 2000 

Dear colleagues,

We would like to draw your attention to the following symposium held during
the 25th General Assembly of the European Geophysical Society in Nice, France,
24 - 29 April 2000:

Symposium G4/04:  Reference systems and geodetic time series
Convener:  Dr. Michael Heflin
Co-Convener:  Dr. Carine Bruyninx

Both the cost and accuracy of geodetic techniques have improved by more than
an order of magnitude over the last two decades.  Several techniques are
able to provide global geodetic time series of latitude, longitude, and height.
These results are used to study topics such as plate tectonics, inter-seismic,
co-seismic, and post-seismic strain in active boundary zones, subsidence due
to oil or water withdrawl, and uplift associated with volcanic processes and
post-glacial rebound.  We welcome presentations which discuss state of the art
geodetic time series, the techniques involved, and examples of current
scientific applications.

Please submit the abstract of your presentation with the desired presentation
form (oral or poster) to the EGS office and send a copy to the coveners

                          before 15 December 1999.

Further information about the meeting and details on the abstract format and
submission can be found on the web page


Sincerely yours,

M. Heflin
C. Bruyninx

[Mailed From: Michael B Heflin <mbh at cobra.jpl.nasa.gov>]

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