[IGSMAIL-2382] FAIR/JPLM data outage

Dave Dave
Thu Jul 22 10:13:27 PDT 1999

IGS Electronic Mail      Thu Jul 22 10:13:27 PDT 1999      Message Number 2382

Author: Dave Stowers
Subject: FAIR/JPLM data outage

Dear Colleagues,

There has been equipment failure at FAIR (Gilmore Creek Geophysical Observatory)
of the GPS receiver and offload computer. We are working with the local site
operators to determine the extent of the damage and attempt to restore a modicum
of functionality.

The site JPLM is located in an area of JPL that has had a major power 
interruption due to failed power transmission lines. We will be on generator 
power when it is available. I have not been given a date for permanent 
power restoration, but that this situation may persist for quite some time.
Whatever data we are able to collect will be made available.

(and it's not even Friday yet...)

Best regards,


[Mailed From: Dave Stowers <dstowers at jpl.nasa.gov>]

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