Grigory Grigory
Sat Aug 22 03:52:02 PDT 1998

IGS Electronic Mail      Sat Aug 22  3:52:02 PDT 1998      Message Number 1998

Author: Grigory Steblov
Subject: MAG0

Dear colleagues,

The radome over the antenna at MAG0 was destroyed by local vandals 
on 19-AUG-98 (precise time is not known). It was used as a target
by teenagers who threw a piece of rock at it. This was reported to us
by our operator at Magadan on 20-AUG-98.

The antenna itself visually appears NOT damaged.
Rinex files continue to look good.

We will reinstall the radome in about one month and will let you know

The antenna was set up on top of a high steel mast on the summit of a hill,
near the vault of the IRIS seismic station. We had no problems like this
in the last ten months, that is since the installation.

Grigory Steblov
Regional GPS Data Acquisition and Analysis Center
on northern Eurasia (RDAAC), Moscow, RUSSIA

[Mailed From: steblov at ria.ipmnet.ru (grigory steblov)]

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