[IGSMAIL-1993] Bahrain Station Down

David David
Thu Aug 20 07:34:50 PDT 1998

IGS Electronic Mail      Thu Aug 20  7:34:50 PDT 1998      Message Number 1993

Author: David Chase / NIMA
Subject: Bahrain Station Down

Due to renovation work to the room which houses the NIMA GPS station in
Bahrain, the Bahrain GPS station will be down for a couple of days.

No data was available for day 231,  and no data is expected for days 232
and 233.

As soon as the renovation work is completed, the Bahrain station will be
brought back on line.  We are trying to minimize the down time.

My apologies for the inconvenience this will cause.

David Chase / NIMA
chased at nima.mil

Randy Taylor / NIMA
taylorre at nima.mil

[Mailed From: "Chase, David" <ChaseD at nima.mil>]

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