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Tue May 19 16:56:18 PDT 1998

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Author: Lou Walter (via Ruth Neilan, IGSCB)
Subject: NASA Earth Science Enterprise Request for Information

Subject: NASA Earth Science Enterprise Request for Information

Dear Colleague:

Recently, NASA's Earth Science Enterprise issued a Request for
Information (RFI) which solicits concepts for future Earth science and
applications missions.  The RFI can be found on the web at:

Deadline for contributions is June 8, 1998.

The purpose of this note is to draw your attention to this opportunity
to  help shape the future direction of NASA Earth Science and
Applications Program.  While you do not stand to gain directly by your
contribution, the ideas generated at this time will serve the entire
community for some years to come.   Consequently, we in NASA's Solid
Earth and Natural Hazards Program encourage you to participate by
responding to the RFI.

Your response need not be elaborate. There is no need for any
painstaking  description of hardware or discussion of engineering
parameters.  Your ideas for new missions which address the goals of
the Program can be described and justified in one or two pages of
text. A brief description of the Program is included in the RFI, but a
more inclusive version has recently been developed through a virtual
Workshop which involved dozens of your peers.  The resulting Science
Implementation Plan can be found on the web at:


The responses will be reviewed, concatenated, and prioritized in a
series  of reviews which will be held this summer; a process in which
we hope you will have continued interest.

We look forward to your response and will work to put together and
continue a vibrant Solid Earth and Natural Hazards Program.

Earnie Paylor
Lou Walter
Clark Wilson

Dr. Louis Walter
Acting Program Manager
Solid Earth and Natural Hazards
Washington, DC  20546-0001
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FAX (202) 358-2770
PAGER: 1-800-800-7759
lwalter at hq.nasa.gov

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