[IGSMAIL-1862] Villafranca back to operation

Thu Apr 16 06:00:41 PDT 1998

IGS Electronic Mail      Thu Apr 16  6:00:41 PDT 1998      Message Number 1862

Author: ESOC IGS team
Subject: Villafranca back to operation

Subject: Villafranca back to operation

The TurboRogue receiver at Villafranca (VILL) has been set 
back to normal operation.

Problems started several weeks ago when the low elevation 
tracking was detected to be poor. This installation had a
150 meters cable due to the distance from the Main Control
Room to the GPS monument that made necessary a second
line amplifier located close to the antenna. The receiver
was tested to run perfectly with a shorter cable, but 
the original configuration using a 150 meters cable
and line amplifiers could not be made to work in
spite of using high quality amplifiers.

An additional problem that delayed the troubleshooting
was that the receiver entered in a "user rejection state" 
and it needed input of the date through the built-in
display to recover the normal operation.

Now the receiver has been installed in a portable
station that is located about 50 meters from the monument
and the communications with the Main Control Room are
performed with local modems.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused.

[Mailed From: cagarcia at esoc.esa.de (C. Garcia Martinez x2088 A141 gmv/fcsd/oad)]

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