[IGSMAIL-1824] GPS tracking at NANO (Nanoose Bay, BC, Canada)

Herb Herb
Tue Mar 3 12:11:01 PST 1998

IGS Electronic Mail      Tue Mar  3 12:11:01 PST 1998      Message Number 1824

Author: Herb Dragert
Subject: GPS tracking at NANO (Nanoose Bay, BC, Canada)

With reference to IGSMAIL #1820, please be advised that the external
frequency reference being used at NANO (Nanoose Bay,BC, Canada; Domes
#40138M001) has been found faulty and was removed. The receiver was placed
on its internal oscillator with clock steering at about 17:10UT, Mar. 03,
1998, (Julian Day 062) at which time normal continuous tracking resumed.

All available data for Days 060, 061, and 062 will be posted but users are
advised that these data are fragmented and may be of limited use.

We regret any inconvenience that this disruption in tracking may cause. If
you have any further questions regarding these data please contact the
author, H. Dragert, at  dragert at pgc.emr.ca


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