[IGSMAIL-1788] IGS/IGR accumulated erp files

Y. Y.
Mon Jan 19 06:56:52 PST 1998

IGS Electronic Mail      Mon Jan 19  6:56:52 PST 1998      Message Number 1788

Author: Y. Mireault
Subject: IGS/IGR accumulated erp files

Dear IGS users,

Following some demand regarding accumulated IGR and IGS erp files, we decided
to start generating these files on a daily and weekly basis. It will be done
at the same time the Rapid or Final products are generated and downloaded
to CDDIS. Both files start at GPS wk 860/day 0 (mjd 50264.5) and contain
values up to now.

Name: igs95p02.erp ... to be used with IGS Final Orbits (igswwww7.sp3)
Name: igs96p02.erp ... to be used with IGS Rapid Orbits (igrwwwwd.sp3)
         wwww: GPS wk number.
         d   : day of wk [0-6].

Both files will reside at CDDIS in the GPS3:[PRODUCTS] directory and
will be overwritten on a daily(Rapid) / weekly(Final) basis. Both files should
be available starting this week.

Best regards,

[Mailed From: Yves Mireault <mireault at geod.emr.ca>]

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