[IGSMAIL-1761] Receiver change in ZECK

Rudi Rudi
Mon Dec 22 02:43:41 PST 1997

IGS Electronic Mail      Mon Dec 22  2:43:41 PST 1997      Message Number 1761

Author: Rudi Stoeger
Subject: Receiver change in ZECK

Ladies and Gentlemen

A necessary change of receiver have
been done in ZECK Zelenchukskaya / Russia
28-NOV-1997. Rogue SNR 8000 S/N T317
have been replaced by Rogue SNR 8000
S/N T399.

In Zelenchukskaya the satellite-terminal
of the Internet provider is damaged.

The GPS Permanent Tracking System is
operational. The data will be stored in
Zelenchukskaya and distributed when the
Internet-connection to Zelenchukskaya is
available again. 

With best regards
Rudi Stoeger

[Mailed From: stoeger at wettzell.ifag.de]

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