[IGSMAIL-1748] Meteorological Data from ZWEN

Roman Roman
Fri Dec 5 14:13:00 PST 1997

IGS Electronic Mail      Fri Dec  5 14:13:00 PST 1997      Message Number 1748

Author: Roman Galas
Subject: Meteorological Data from ZWEN

Subject: Meteorological data from ZWEN

Dear Colleagues,

Since the day 300 of the year 1997 the Zwenigorod station delivers
meteorological data. RINEX m-files are now transferres to the CDDIS,
and available there.
The station has the same meteorological sensor, TM200, as our other
ones: KIT3, POTS, OBER.
An updated log-file will be submitted to the CB.


Roman Galas

[Mailed From: Roman Galas <galas at gfz-potsdam.de>]

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