[IGSMAIL-1580] Change at EBRE

Carme Carme
Fri Apr 11 09:36:28 PDT 1997

IGS Electronic Mail      Fri Apr 11  9:36:28 PDT 1997      Message Number 1580

Author: Carme Parareda
Subject: Change at EBRE

The antenna and the receiver at the site EBRE will be replaced by new
antenna and receiver next tuesday (April 15) DOY: 105 at 10:00 UTC. I
expect the change will take no longer than 5 minutes.

In order to keep our station with the most updated technology we have
decided to change the old Trimble 4000 SSE series receiver to a new 4000
SSI and the Micro Pulse antenna to a Trimble L1/L2 Choke Ring (Dorne &
Margolin antenna element), in order to improve the received signal
quality(even under RF jamming conditions).

An updated station log file will be send immediately after the change
has been made.

Changes in the log sheet will be as follow:

                          OLD                                       NEW
Receiver:      Trimble 4000SSE                     Trimble 4000SSI
Firm Ver:      6.01 (23 May 1994)                  7.24 (13 Jan 1997)
Antenna:       M-Pulse L1/L2 survey              Dorne Margolin Trim

We do apologize for all the inconvenience. Regards,

Carme Parareda

[Mailed From: "Parareda, Carme" <carmep at icc.es>]

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