[IGSMAIL-1356] Receiver failure at ANKARA(ANKR) site

Dr. Dr.
Mon Jun 17 04:09:12 PDT 1996

IGS Electronic Mail      Mon Jun 17  4:09:12 PDT 1996      Message Number 1356

Author: Dr. Wolfgang Schuletter/Col.Eng.Dogan Ozaydin
Subject: Receiver failure at ANKARA(ANKR) site

       Dipl.-Ing.Rudolf Stoeger/Capt.Eng.MSc.Onur Lenk


 Following a general power failure in the region of Ankara Permanent
GPS Station (ANKR) since day 146, the rcvr couldn't operate properly
possibly due to some problems at its antenna. So, we face an serious
data outage from then on.

 Sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused.

 Best Regards,

 Onur Lenk

[Mailed From: "MSB Harita Genel K." <harita-g at servis2.net.tr>]

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