[IGSMAIL-1330] Power failure at ANKARA(ANKR) site

Dr. Dr.
Tue May 28 04:26:39 PDT 1996

IGS Electronic Mail      Tue May 28  4:26:39 PDT 1996      Message Number 1330

Author: Dr. Wolfgang Schuletter/Col.Eng.Dogan Ozaydin
Subject: Power failure at ANKARA(ANKR) site 

       Dipl.-Ing.Rudolf Stoeger/Capt.Eng.MSc.Onur Lenk


 We face a general power failure in the region of Ankara Permanent
GPS Station (ANKR) site for 3 days (146-148). Data will be on-line 
as soon as we resume the energy.

 Sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused.

 Best Regards,

 Onur Lenk

[Mailed From: "MSB Harita Genel K." <harita-g at servis2.net.tr>]

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