[IGSMAIL-1240] EBRE data trnsmission

Carme Carme
Tue Mar 12 01:03:12 PST 1996

IGS Electronic Mail      Tue Mar 12  1:03:12 PST 1996      Message Number 1240

Author: Carme Parareda
Subject: EBRE data trnsmission

Subject: EBRE data transmission

We've had some problems when sending our files from EBRE station to cddis 
during last weekend.

Because of comunication problems we could not retrieve the data from EBRE
station corresponding to friday 8th, so file ebre0680.* could not be created 
and sent, although a file ebre0680.96o_z exists in the CDDIS archives. This is
due to a processing error when file for day 69 was created with last epochs
from day 68 missing. This caused the file from day 69 to be named 
ebre0680.96o_z and be sent (with first epoch wrong) by automatic process
during the weekend.

Proper ebre0680 and ebre0690 files have been rebuild and send to CDDIS.
I do apologize fo the problems this may have caused.

Carme Parareda.

[Mailed From: Carme Parareda <carmep at icc.es>]

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