[IGSMAIL-1157] CODE Resubmission

M. M.
Tue Dec 12 09:45:19 PST 1995

IGS Electronic Mail      Tue Dec 12  9:45:19 PST 1995      Message Number 1157

Author: M. Rothacher
Subject: CODE Resubmission

Dear Colleagues,

because of software modifications the constraints in the CODE SINEX file 
COD08297.SNX (GPS week 0829) would have been difficult to remove. An improved
version of this file was resubmitted to CDDIS and IfAG and should pose no 
problems any longer.

The precise ephemeris file COD08296.EPH did not contain any satellite clock
values and was resubmitted, too.

Sorry for any troubles,
                                    Markus Rothacher
                                    Stephan Schaer
                                    CODE Analysis Center 

[Mailed From: MARKUS ROTHACHER <ROTHACHER at aiub.unibe.ch>]

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