[IGSMAIL-1149] Status ANKR, LHAS and OHIG

Klaus Klaus
Thu Dec 7 04:04:41 PST 1995

IGS Electronic Mail      Thu Dec  7  4:04:41 PST 1995      Message Number 1149

Author: Klaus Roettcher and Rudi Stoeger
Subject: Status ANKR, LHAS and OHIG

We want to inform you about the status of
the following GPS-Permanent-Tracking-Stations.

Ankara ANKR:     No data available days 331 - 336,
                 because of a unspecified 
                 data-download problem.

Lhasa LHAS:      Since day 330 we cannot connect
                 to the GPS-System at Lhasa. Together
                 with Inmarsat and German Telekom
                 Land Earth Station Raisting we did some
                 tests. We suspect a failure in the
                 Lhasa Inmarsat-System.
                 Instructions and advises have been sent
                 to Lhasa, to get a clue for this problem.
                 Unfortunately we got no respond till now.

O'Higgins OHIG:  No data available days 325, 326 and 
                 unsufficient data days 327 - 330.
                 Data days 331 - 335 are available. 
                 Since day 336 we got no data via Inmarsat.
                 The Station O'Higgins is unmanned now.
                 We suspect a failure in the Inmarsat-System
                 or a power-failure. End of December
                 Mr. Rainer Wojdziak and Mr. Andreas Reinhold
                 will travel to Antarctica. If the Flash-Card
                 from JPL arrives on time, Rainer and
                 Andreas will upgrade firmware 3.0 to 3.2.

With best regards:
Klaus Roettcher, Rudi Stoeger

[Mailed From: stoeger at wettzell.ifag.de]

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