[IGSMAIL-0739] Status of KOUR and KIRU

Fri Oct 7 07:50:47 PDT 1994

IGS Electronic Mail      Fri Oct  7  7:50:47 PDT 1994      Message Number 0739

Author: ESOC IGS team
Subject: Status of KOUR and KIRU

Subject: Status of KOUR and KIRU.

The software of the MiniRogue SNR-8C at Kourou was updated
to version 7.8 on 6/10/94 at 15:10 . No data are available
until the next day due to difficulties in the reacquisition of
satellites. The station information form has been updated and sent
to igscb.

The TurboRogue at Kiruna is having  a very irregular behavior since
DOY 270/94 due to a progresive decrease of the SNR caused
probably by the line amplifier .We will let the IGS community
know any new concerning the status of the receiver.

Best regards.

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