[IGSMAIL-0634] Epoch '92 Catalog Now Available

Carey Carey
Wed Jun 15 08:11:51 PDT 1994

IGS Electronic Mail      Wed Jun 15  8:11:51 PDT 1994      Message Number 0634

Author: Carey E. Noll/CDDIS
Subject: Epoch '92 Catalog Now Available

Subject:  Epoch '92 Catalog

For the last year, I have been compiling a catalog of Epoch '92
experiments.  I am happy to report that the effort is FINALLY done and
the text is available for users to peruse and comment on.  The catalog
is available online, in Postscript form on CDDIS.  There are two
versions, one with figures (quite large) and one without figures (just
the tabular information). Furthermore, each of these files is also
available in compressed form.  The files are stored in the
GPS3:[GPSINFO.EPOCH92] directory; users having access to the CDDIS
on-line archives also have access to this directory. If you require a
hardcopy version of the Epoch '92 catalog, please send me an e-mail.
The files are as follows: 

EPOCH92_CATALOG.PS      Full catalog (uncompressed)        15.5 Mbytes 
EPOCH92_CATALOG.PS_Z    Full catalog (compressed)           3.5 Mbytes
EPOCH92_NOFIGURES.PS    Catalog w/o figures (uncompressed)  1.5 Mbytes
EPOCH92_NOFIGURES.PS_Z  Catalog w/o figures (compressed)    0.5 Mbytes

The catalog is organized by regional experiment.  Each section lists
information about the sites occupied, their monument information, and
the data availability.  A regional map showing sites occupied is also
provided for each experiment. 

I want to thank all the participating organizations for sending their
information to me.  I also want to appologize for the delay in getting
this document to the IGS community; I had alot of difficulty
word-processing the document and preparing a Postscript version! Any
comments, of course, are welcome. 

Carey Noll. 

[Mailed From: NOLL at CDDIS.GSFC.NASA.GOV (Carey Noll 301-286-9283)]

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