[IGSMAIL-0490] DRAO Data Day 041 & 042 Resubmitted

Stephen Stephen
Wed Feb 16 08:06:01 PST 1994

IGS Electronic Mail      Wed Feb 16  8:06:01 PST 1994      Message Number 0490

Author: Stephen Delahunt
Subject: DRAO Data Day 041 & 042 Resubmitted

Data for DRAO Day 041 (Feb 10/94) should have been submitted as two distinct
files because of a receiver change around 17:00 U.T.  The first
file (DRAO0411.94) for that day containing 17 hours of data  (Rogue SNR-8) was
transmitted O.K.  The second file (DRAO0412.94) which was supposed to contain
only the subsequent seven hours of data (Rogue SNR-8000) erroneously contained
the data for all 24 hours.  DRAO0412.94 was resubmitted with the correct content
on Feb. 16 at approximately 15:10 U.T.

Note that the receiver change implied a change in antenna height:

before Feb 10 17:00 U.T.  0.118 Dorne Margolin B ARP=Bottom of Choke Ring
after  Feb 10 17:00 U.T.  0.035 Dorne Margolin T ARP=Bottom of Choke Ring

Data for DRAO Day 042 file DRAO0420.94 was also resubmitted Feb 16 at
approximately 15:30 U.T.  The resubmission announced in IGSMAIL# 486 was not
completed correctly.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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