[IGSMAIL-0411] IGS CBIS Updates Procedures

Werner Werner
Fri Dec 10 17:26:16 PST 1993

IGS Electronic Mail      Fri Dec 10 17:26:16 PST 1993      Message Number 0411

Author: Werner Gurtner
Subject: IGS CBIS Updates Procedures

Updates / Changes of Station- or Center-Related Information

In order to keep the files in the Central Bureau Information System containing 
station- or center-related information up-to-date the following procedure for
changes should be observed:

- Download the current file from the Central Bureau Information System
  (anonymous ftp: sideshow.jpl.nasa.gov) to the responsible organization

  (e.g. operational center, station manager for those stations not connected 
  to an operation center, data center, ...)

- Add the new / changed information to the file including the date connected
  with the new situation so that the new file will always contain a full
  history of all changes. As an example see e.g.


  Do not insert tab characters nor non-standard ASCII characters into the file!

- Send the changed file to the Central Bureau (E-Mail IGSCB at COBRA.JPL.NASA.GOV)
  to be included into the Information System
- Send a short announcement of the changes to IGSMAIL at COBRA.JPL.NASA.GOV) for

Please always download the file immediately before you update it: The Central
Bureau might have edited the file for various reasons after it was submitted
the last time, and we do not want to loose those changes!

A similar procedure should be used for new sites, too. There are blank forms
available for download in the corresponding subdirectories.

* In order to make sure that the information in the System is as correct as   *
* it can be for the official start of the IGS on January 1st  we would like   *
* you to have a look at the files of the sites or centers you are responsible *
* for in the next few days and send corrected or updated versions to the      *
* Central Bureau following the above procedures.                              *

Thanks and regards,

  Werner Gurtner
IGS Central Bureau

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