[IGSMAIL-392] E-mail Connection Problems

Ruth Ruth
Tue Nov 30 12:37:24 PST 1993

IGS Electronic Mail       30-NOV-1993 12:37:24       Message Number 392

>From: Ruth E. Neilan, JPL
Subj: E-mail Connection Problems

Dear colleagues,
This is a notice that my e-mail connection is not operating properly over the
last few weeks. In the future, please route all mail to me at:
ren at logos.jpl.nasa.gov
I intend to acknowledge receipt of personal messages until this problem is
resolved.  If you do not get an acknowledgement, please resend.

Another problem became evident in the mail message #389 which I sent
advising of the US holiday. It was sent from here Wednesday at noon and yet did
not reach Bern until Saturday at 4 am! 

I am looking into this problem.

Sincerely and apologetically,

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