[IGSMAIL-217] Clock problem at station DRAO (Penticton, Canada)

Herb Herb
Mon Mar 15 18:30:13 PST 1993

IGS Electronic Mail       15-MAR-1993 18:30:13       Message Number 217

From:    Herb Dragert
Subject: Clock problem at station DRAO (Penticton, Canada)


This is an advisory on the clock problem that we have been experiencing at
DRAO (Penticton, Canada) since Feb. 26. Because of phase-lock problems with
the Cesium clock, we have been operating with the crystal oscillator only
over the past two weeks, resulting in extremely high clock drift rates.
Unfortunately, we have been unable to fix this problem and have been forced
to replace the Cesium clock with a small portable Rubidium clock.

The replacement clock was installed at 20:40 UT, Mar.12 (DOY 071), 1993.
This clock will now serve as the reference frequency standard until the
Cesium clock can be repaired.

Herb Dragert
Pacific Geoscience Centre
E-mail: dragert at pgc.emr.ca

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