[IGSMAIL-185] The GPS Engineering Test at Kokee Park

Ulf Ulf
Thu Jan 28 00:00:00 PST 1993

FROM: Ulf J. Lindqwister
SUBJECT: The GPS Engineering Test at Kokee Park

It has been suggested by several analysts that we rename the files
with data from the temporary tracking site at Kokee - to avoid confusion
with the data from the permanent site. The current site name abbreviation
is KOKB. We propose to change the name to KOK2 for the 7 days between
February 3-9, 1993. Thereafter the name will be KOKB again.
Hence any GPS data from the current antenna location will have data
files with the site name KOKB (as before) and files with GPS data from the 
temporary site will be named KOK2. 

Let us know if this causes any problems for anyone.


- Ulf 

Ulf J. Lindqwister
GPS Networks & Operations Group
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