[IGSMAIL-183] One Week GPS Engineering Test at Kokee Park

Ulf Ulf
Wed Jan 27 00:00:00 PST 1993

FROM: Ulf J. Lindqwister
SUBJECT: One Week GPS Engineering Test at Kokee Park

The GPS data from Kokee have been plagued by multipath in recent
months due to the building activity and erection of a new 20 m VLBI
antenna at the site. Recent GPS data from Kokee indicates an improvement
in the data volume and the prefit multipath, possibly due to the fact that
the construction crane have been taken down (temporarily). 
We are currently planning a 1 week engineering test, where the antenna
will be moved to a temporary location further away from the VLBI antenna
and then back to its current location. The goal of the test is to
evaluate multipath and any blockage of the GPS signal from this new location.

In summary: the antenna at Kokee will be moved to a new location temporarily 
at 00:00 UT on February 3, 1993.
At 00:00 UT February 9 it will be moved back to its current location again.
Please beware of using Kokee as a fixed (fiducial) site in your analysis
between these dates. 

Let us know if this causes any problems for anyone.


- Ulf 

Ulf J. Lindqwister
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