[IGSMAIL-167] GPS tracker DRAO (Penticton, Canada)

Mike Mike
Mon Jan 11 10:49:26 PST 1993

IGS Electronic Mail       11-JAN-1993 10:49:26       Message Number 167

From:     Mike Schmidt
Subject:  GPS tracker DRAO (Penticton, Canada)


The Rogue SNR-8 receiver at DRAO has been experiencing regular problems with
the tracking loop for channels 7 and 8 and intermittant problems with
channels 1 and 2 resulting in some loss of data. Temporary "fixes" are
invoked daily through remote connection to the receiver. A site visit is
planned at the end of January for installation of the new software PROMS.
Hopefully this visit will shed some light on the exact nature of the problem.
I will advise once the problem has been resolved.


Mike Schmidt
Geological Survey of Canada
schmidt at pgc.emr.ca

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