[IGS-RTWG-121] Re: Real time Beidou broadcast ephemeris

Gary (Qi) Li-SSI garyli at ssi.samsung.com
Tue Oct 27 11:11:35 PDT 2015

Thank you Ken!
Do you know how to access the test stream? Should I update BNC software? (I'm using BNC 2.11.1)


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You are correct the BeiDou Ephemeris is not currently part of the official message set.  I believe the interoperability testing has be done and all that remains is the updating of the documentation and then final approval(voting).

A few RTWG members took part in the interoperability testing, so you might be able to access a test stream......



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Do we have real time Beidou broadcast ephemeris from any of the casters?

I found a document that says BEIDOU RTCM3 message is still in draft stage:

RTCM3 ephemeris messages including

*GPS (msg 1019),

*GLONASS(mgs 1020),

*Galileo (msg 1045)

*BeiDou (msg 63; draft)

*QZSS (msg 1044)

*SBAS (msg 1043)


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